Meter Proving

Your meters and instruments give you certainty. Performance and safety are both dependent on the accuracy of your tools, and without knowing how accurate they are, you put your teams and your budgets at risk. Measuring the precision of your meters, requires calibrated tools and expertise.

Energy Services company Intricate, WILL mitigate that risk. Intricate’s fleet of Meter Provers have the lowest uncertainty rating available and are operated by an experienced team. Ready to move fast and give you the performance certainty you need. Intricate is reliable, effective and a leader in the field.

Meters are everywhere, on wells, batteries, gas plant, pump stations and operations spread out everywhere; what you need is mobile capability.

Inticate’s provers come to you for your inline and bench proving needs. With state of the art provers that are designed with safety, accuracy, and efficiency in mind to ensure a complete job that will meet your objectives.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more importantly find them in the field working along side you!