The Oil and Gas Industry is considered to be the world’s biggest revenue generator.  The oil and gas industry is seen as a powerhouse that employs thousands of workers globally while generating billions of dollars each year.

As a business operating in the oil and gas industry, we need to stay on top of all new developments in the area of new technologies, as well as, new improved work methods that minimize our global footprint.

The Oil Industry is divided into five sectors, upstream, midstream, downstream, pipeline, marine, and service and supply.  Not many companies have operations in all of these sectors.

Our company, however, operate in all of these, boasting high-capacity refineries, quite a few gas stations and the potential of supplying billions of barrels of crude oil, without depleting a supply that could still last for coming centuries.

Striving to keep up with new techniques and technologies, streamlining processes, and finding innovative ways to re-define projects and operations, will stay on our priority list.