In any major business or company, all offered information, discussion of problems, exploring new technologies and work methods, should be taken seriously.  Through attending summits, seminars, congresses and other events, you can build business relations and also share information.

Upcoming Events in the Oil and Energy Sector 2018:

Managing Risks and Costs of Projects 2018:

Conventional modes of project delivery and cooperation have to change because of the market climate.  The oil and gas industry must still find every opportunity to build trust after mistakes in past projects.  However, the Industry is learning from its mistakes and is taking cautious, positive steps, while confidence is slowly returning.

Annual Asset Integrity Management Summit 2018:

This event addresses topics of great importance for the oil and gas industry worldwide.  A platform for discussing pressing issues and problems facing the oil and gas industry will be offered, as well as, practical solutions.  Project and program sustainability and the optimising of costs and operations will also be discussed.

Europe Congress 2018:

Subjects on the agenda will cover; Market Intelligence, the outlook for 2018 in the oil industry, enabling market recovery, the streamlining of processes, maximising project value, and much more.  Practical strategies will be discussed to overcome challenges and problematic issues within the oil and gas industry.

These events are the best place to meet other decision-makers in the same industry and engage in discussions, conversations, the sharing of information and knowledge, which all can translate into opportunities for all involved.